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Fellows of the Institute, AIA St. Louis

AIA St. Louis Fellows of the Institute 

 George I Barnett, FAIA, First AIA St. Louis Fellow

The American Institute of Architects bestows the honor of Fellowship upon its members who have distinguished themselves in areas of practice.  Elevation to Fellowship not only recognizes the achievements of the architect as an individual but also elevates those architects who have made significant contributions to architecture and to society.


Of the 80,000 members of The American Institute of Architects, just over 3,000 architects have been honored by Fellowship. Each year at the AIA National convention, new Fellows are inducted into the AIA College of Fellows.  To learn more about the College of Fellows, click HERE.   Fellowship is awarded based on an architect's work that:


     Promotes the aesthetic, scientific and practical efficiency of the profession (design, urban design or preservation); or


     Advances the science and art of planning and building by advancing the standards of architectural education, training, & practice (education, research, literature, or practice); or


    Coordinates the building industry, & the profession of architecture (led the Institute or led a related organization; or


    Ensures the advancement of the living standards of people through the improved environment (public service, government, industry or organization); or


    Works to bring ever-increasing service to society (alternative career, volunteer work with organizations not directly connected with the built environment, or service to society).


Below is an historic list of the Fellows of AIA St. Louis:

Year of Elevation  First Name Last Name
1861 George I. Barnett
1861 Henry G. Isaacs
1874 Thomas B Annan
1883 H. Wiliam Kirchner
1885 Louis C. Bulkley
1889 John Beattie
1889 Frederick W. Folk
1889 Pierce P. Furber
1889 Thomas J. Furlong
1889 Charles C. Hellmers, Jr.
1889 Charles E. Illsley
1889 Jerome B. Legg
1889 Theodore C. Link
1889 George R. Mann
1889 Charles F. May
1889 J.H. McNamara
1889 Charles K.E. Ramsey
1889 Alfred Paist Rosenheim
1889 Isaac S. Taylor
1890 Charles W. Clark
1890 William E. Eames
1890 Kivas Tully
1890 Thomas Crane Young
1891 Ernst C. Janssen
1891 William B. Ittner, Sr.
1891 G.W. Helmsburger
1894 Joseph Paul Annan
1894 Casper D. Boisselier
1894 Edmund Manny
1894 Craig McClure
1894 Louis O. Mullgart
1894 Robert W. Walsh
1894 Frederick Widmann
1894 John Ludwig Wees
1897 Frederick C. Bonsack
1897 William Albert Swasey
1902 John Lawrence Mauran
1906 James P.F. Jamieson
1909 Ernest J. Russell
1914 Ernest C. Klipstein
1915 George F.A. Brueggeman
1923 Louis LaBeaume
1925 Walter L. Rathmann
1936 Wilbur Tyson Trueblood
1938 Eugene S. Klein
1940 Guy Study
1941 George W. Spearl
1944 W. Oscar Mullgardt
1952 Lawrence Hill
1955 Harris Armstrong
1957 Joseph D. Murphy
1959 Kenneth E. Wischmeyer
1962 Frederick W. Dunn
1964 Eugene J. Mackey, Jr.
1964 Joseph Passoneau
1964 Eric W. Smith, Jr.
1964 Hari Van Hoefen
1965 Robert Elkington
1966 John David Sweeney
1967 Rex L. Becker
1967 George E. Kassabaum
1967 Charles Erwin King
1967 Buford L. Pickens
1969 Gyo Obata
1970 Gerhardt T. Kramer
1972 Betty Lou Custer
1973 George F. Hellmuth
1974 Robert E. Entzeroth
1975 Verner I. Burks, Jr.
1976 Kenneth M. Schaefer
1977 Richard L. Bliss
1980 Thomas H. Teasdale
1982 William A. Bernoudy
1983 Constantine E. Michaelides
1985 William Bowersox
1987 Chester Roemer
1989 Albert B. Fuller, Jr.
1989 Gergory S. Palermo
1990 H. Curtis Ittner
1990 Larry Self
1991 Eugene J. Mackey, III
1992 William R. Rupe
1992 Jerome J. Sincoff
1993 Alan R. Sumner
1995 Doris Andrews Danna
1995 Louis R. Saur
1995 William W. Stewart
1998 Jamie Cannon
1999 Dan S. Mitchell
1999 George Nikolajevich
2000 Clark S. Davis
2000 Brad Simmons
2002 W. Philip Cotton, Jr.
2006 William Odell
2010 John Guenther
2010 Kevin Flynn
2011 Andrew Trivers
2011 Mary Ann Lazarus
2012 Robert W. Schwartz
2013 Susan Pruchnicki
2016 Philip Durham
2017 John Burse
2017  Karl Grice
2018  James Kolker

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